Wisycom Ricevitore Modulare MRK 920

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Wisycom Ricevitore Modulare MRK 920 




The MRK 920 receiver system is very flexible and is built on a modular architecture (up to modules on 19″/3U rack frame housing). Its receiving switching-window of 32 MHz, that can be select by the user in a range of 152 MHz. The system presents exceptional selectivity and intermodulation-immunity for best operating performance of the wireless-microphone system even in the presence of DVTB-T transmitter?s signals. The MRK 920 system is already set up for the exclusive and patented PTT function, recently developed by Wisycom and now appreciated in the broadcast world. MRK920 operations can be controlled and managed remotely thru Internet (IP) connection. The working frequency limits, depending on the RF-Module and Receiver-Modules in use, are: Low-Band = 470 – 622 MHz; Medium-Band = 598 – 750 MHz; High-Band = 726 – 878 MHz.



UHF working range (470 – 880 MHz).
Greatly extended switching-window = 152 MHz.
Large number of pre-set and switchable channels: 32 groups of 16 frequencies each.
Outstanding broadcast quality and high reliability.
Extremely sharp selectivity and exceptional immunity to intermodulation and interferences.
Simple operation and easy of use.
Maximum flexibility, due to the availability of various optional modules.
Telemetry functions with Wisycom wireless-microphone transmitters, thanks to the implement of the exclusive digital sub-carrier technology.
PTT function. The reporter is able to talk directly (and off-air) to the intercom network, simply by pushing the Push-To-Talk button on his own microphone transmitter.
Soft-switching circuits on the AF chain prevent any kind of audio switching noise.
Calibrating generator (1 kHz) to check the audio line.
Transformer balanced and isolated AF output lines, with very low-impedance and high-current source, to allow feeding to very long audio lines.
Linear phase AF filters employed, to keep the absolute transparency of the received signals.
Various “compander” and “de-emphasis” modes are selectable, to make the receiver system compatible with transmitters of other manufacturers.
Completely remote controlled by PC via Ethernet in TCP/IP mode.
The operating software includes also some useful and appreciated functions like 2D and 3D spectrum analysis of full frequency range.

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