Superslot Wisycom SLK42-IKS

Il sogno di ogni fonico:

Impostare la frequenza e l’accensione/spegnimento per i ricevitori,monitorare il segnale audio e RF dei ricevitori e i livelli delle batterie dei trasmettitori direttamente dal display del tuo registratore.

E’ ora possibile con:

Doppio ricevitore MCR 42 con fondello Superslot

registratore/mixer sound devices 688

slot sound devices Sl-6

















“It was fun to work with Sound Devices to accommodate the new SuperSlot interface within our MCR42.
We continue to develop new firmware updates to support frequency scan, and more, in order to further benefit our customers’ workflow.”  


We just released the firmware 3.4. and the SLK42-IKSS adapter that supports both SuperSlot and Unislot.


Superslot interface with MCR42 allows:
– powering: to get rid of cable and interference!
– audio interconnection: 2 analogue channel or a 24bit digital AES3!
– data & control: to simplify your configuration workflow or to use the wideband MCR42 capabilities as spectrum analyzer to che