Six pack – Rack PSC per 3 Ricevitori MCR 42

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PSC Six Pack amplificatore / splitter RF per 3 ricevitori doppi RF.
Amplificatore-distributore RF da 470MHz a 870 MHz. Ideale per fornire segnali RF fino a 3 ricevitori doppi UHF diversity.
2 ingressi RF su connettore BNC amplificati e divisi tramite splitter x4.
2X3 uscite RF su connettore SMA 90° per i ricevitori RF + 1 coppia di uscite RF addizionali (sul lato sinistro del Six Pack) per inviare RF ad un secondo Six Pack o attrezzatura similare. 
Alimentazione DC 12Volt @ 175mA.


PSC_RF_Multi_SR_Six_Pack_69105              PSC_RF_Multi_SR_Six_Pack_80895   











Provides Power Distribution
Provides Low Noise RF Distribution
DTV Band-pass limited
Directly Interfaces to the PSC Alexis Mixer
Can be used Independently in ENG bags or on Cart Based systems
Compact and Light Weight


The new PSC Slot Receiver Six Pack has been designed to provide a convenient and compact way of utilizing three slot receivers made by various manufacturers. The PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack provides power and diversity RF distribution to the three receivers. It has been designed to interface directly to our Alexis audio mixer or used as a stand-alone unit with other ENG-style mixers or for use by cart based sound recordists. The new PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack provides bandwidth limited, super low noise RF distribution. It has been designed with two BNC antenna inputs and offers switchable antenna powering for use with powered antennas and remote amplifiers. The RF signal is input level limited, amplified to prevent signal loss though the unit, band-pass filtered and then split to the three receivers. RF outputs are delivered to the receivers via six right-angle, cable-mounted SMA connectors. The state of the art RF amplifier features a very low noise figure for exceptional performance in the field. The RF Multi SR Six Pack can be directly powered by and interfaced to our Alexis m ixer through the rear panel mounted DB37 connector. It can also be powered via the standard 4 pin Hirose power connection and offers six individual mini XLR audio output connectors. The unit is housed in a robust, aircraft aluminum housing which has been anodized and texture powder coated. This product is made in the U.S.A.



RF Bandwidth 470 MHz to 870 MHz
Noise Figure RF Amp: 2.0dB
RF Input BNC, 50 ohms
RF Output R.A. SMA, 50 ohms
Output Isolation 24 dB
Power 12 VDC@ 175 mA
Other Specifications IP3: +39
Dimensions 12.25 x 5.25 x 1.62″ (31.11 x 13.33 x 4.11 cm)
Weight 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

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