Senneiser EK 1038 Personal Receiver

Day: 10,00 € + iva

EK 1038 receiver was especially developed for monitor or tour guide applications. The UHF transmission which ensures safe operation on stage provides excellent transmission for guided tours also. The receiver handling is easy and intuitive. The handy volume control operates as on/off switch. Channels can be changed with a single keystroke on the up/down key. The backlit display shows clearly the selected channel. In order to prevent faulty operation the channel selector keys can be locked by the “LOCK” function.

16 pre set channels in range 830 – 866 MHz (Channel 1-4 in European ISM band
863-865 MHz)
Tune-function for customer specific channel configuration
Number of active channels can be set from 1-20
Backlit display (lights up when a button is pushed)
Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings
4-step battery status display
Limiter function, reduces maximal headphone volume
Squelch for interference free operation
Absolutely reliable transmission
Rugged metal housing


Package Including:

– Belt clip
– headphone sennhesiser PX 30 o mono ear monitor

– Sennheiser cable line CL2 mini jack / XLR F

– Sennheiser cable line mini jack/ mini Jack


Contacts for recharging the BA 2015 rechargeable battery pack directly in the receiver


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