Rycote HC-35

Long Shotgun Microphone

€ 878,40IVA inc.€ 720,00IVA esc.




The Rycote HC-35 is a hypercardioid, long shotgun microphone, designed for specific applications such as sport broadcast and location recording where wide-angle shots and loud noises’ rejection are vital to clean sound.

The HC-35 produces a highly directional polar thanks to its longer interference tube than its siblings, the HC-15 and HC-22, providing better o-axis rejection. It is also remarkably light compared to other solutions allowing an easier job for targeting sound sources when mounting it on windshields or classic softie slip-on protection.


weight balanced to help keep center of gravity further back to provide improved handling


professional broadcast quality and individually ne-tuned back electret capsule
consistent acoustic timbre with other Rycote microphones
smooth off-axis roll off


compact design
ultralow noise circuitry
sophisticated RF shielding
low power consumption


gold-plated Neutrik XLR connections


active in-line filtering
fine-tuned mechanical RF shielding
tested against RF interference


preamp housing made from non-corrosive machined brass low impedance to ensure best possible and longest lasting RF shielding
capsule/interference tube made from lightweight machined aluminium
non-reflective finish

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