Phonak – Phonito Intra inductive earpiece

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Phonak:  Auricolare induttivo Phonito intra.

grazie al collare induttivo, l’auricolare è utilizzabile con tutti i sistemi di rice/trasmissione audio



Cavo di collegamento con conn.Jack 3,5 mm/2-pin 
Neckloops da 50 – 60 – 70 cm   (nero o beige)       


Phonito Intra is a globally trusted inductive receiver for professional undercover use. 
Compatible with almost all 2-way radios and walkie talkie systems, this tiny inductive earpiece is comfortable to wear all day long and 100% discrete.
It features an innovative wax guard system for quick and easy maintenance, and fits completely into the ear canal of either ear.


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