MTP 41S Trasmettitore miniaturizzato Wisycom 50 mW

Prezzo: 2.000,00 € + iva


Evoluzione del trasmettitore MTP 41  con l’aggiunta del limitatore

Wisycom MTP41S is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.

Very easy and quick to use thanks to OLED display, dedicated buttons and a joggle selector. MTP41 benefit also of the latest Wisycom RF technology along with an enhanced robustness against noise.



Up to 232 MHz bandwidth in 470/798 MHz range (others on request)
Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
Ultra-light metal alloy body (60g without battery)
User selectable multi-companding systems:
ENR (noise optimized)
ENC (voice optimized)
Battery: 1 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
> 5h @ 50mW output power
> 7h @ 10mW output power
Infrared interface for management and firmware update
Easy and quick to setup thru an Oled display gain/freq button and a joggle selector
Extended regulation on Mic input gain: 100dB in 1dB step
Max input level 26dBu (15.5 V clipping) to connect directly to mixers and instruments


Per maggiori informazioni, visita il sito ufficiale del: produttore

Evoluzione del trasmettitore MTP 41S  con l’aggiunta del limitatore

Per maggiori informazioni, visita il sito ufficiale del: produttore