MPR 50 IEM Rivevitore Ear Monitor Diversity Wisycom

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MPR 50 IEM Rivevitore Ear Monitor Diversity Wisycom

is a compact true diversity receiver designed for professional in-ear monitorin applications.
This receiver features a real TRUE DIVERSITY configuration along with a unique wide-band tuning range up to 232 MHz. Audio processing can be Stereo MPX or mono based.
The output audio stage is especially design to have maximum audio peak-dynamic of 200 mWatt
Very easy and versatile thanks to its Oled display, navigation button controls, infrared and automatic scan.
Battery management is very flexible since MPR30 allows use of standard battery pack:
– 2 AA NiMH or Alkaline
– C3-V3 battery pack
– KLIC 8000 or CR-V3R lithium (i.e. DR9708 duracell)
Charging can be done with dedicated charger or thru the integrated micro-usb-B connector.



Up to 230 MHz bandwidth in 470/952 MHz range
TRUE DIVERSITY RECEIVER with 2 whip antennas
200 mW peak audio power
Separate release/attack compander
Miniature design with 2 AA battery pack integrated (body-pack form factor) or rechargeable lithium pack
Easy to use thanks to an OLED display
Dedicated function buttons & frequency scan function
Automatic transmitter programming thru infrared and micro-USB
FM Stereo MPX decoding with mix-mode function



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