Deca Portable Digital Recorder Pouch PS615 per Tasam Dr 100 o Zoom SH4

Prezzo: 48,00 € + iva

Cover per registratori audio palmari  Tascam DR 100 o Zoom

The Portable Digital Recorder Pouch is custom crafted to hold the Zoom H4N, Tascam DR-100 and DR-40, and similar size portable digital recorders. The front section and top flap of the Pouch are constructed of transparent transparent polyurethane (TPU) for maximum visibility while shielding the recorder’s front panel and top external microphones. What’s more, the top flap can be easily folded back when the microphones need to be used. Openings on the sides and rear offer free access to the recorder’s side controls and bottom XLR connectors. A hinged panel on the rear of the PS615 lifts up to expose the back of the recorder, enabling quick and easy connection to an external mounting arm. The bottom is reinforced with a strap of durable black nylon. A handy back belt clip keeps the pouch and recorder close at hand while working.PS6151

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