Audio Bag: Orca Bag OR 30

Prezzo: 335,00 € + iva

Orca Audio Bag /Mixer bag   Or-30  .

is the  first audio bag  in the world to offer maximum protection for the sensitive gear inside, thanks to their durable external aluminum frame, internal honeycomb frame, and layers of foam and EVA.

They are all meticulously designed by photographers and audio experts to carry, protect and enable operation of all audio mixers, in any location.


Compatible with:


Zaxcom Maxx
Shure FP-33
Sound Devices 633, MixPre, 302, 788T
Audio Developmenr AD-071
Rolls MX-124
Azden FMX-42,FMX-22, FMX-32A
Kamesan KS-T2000
PSC DV Promix 3

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